We are the 6th Battalion!
George Washington JROTC Patriots!

2018 Military Banquet and Ball

The Banquet and Ball will be on March 9th, held in the Hyatt Regency Tech Center, Grand Mesa Ballroom. 

Deadline for Military Ball count is on the 22nd of February. Money is due on the 21st of February.

Help the George Washington High School JROTC raise $10000 Donate here: http://app.snap-raise.com/fundraisers/george-washington-high-school-jrotc-2018/participant/1365588?share_type=sms

Our Goals For This Year

Staff Goals: Do well during brigade inspection; be able to fully perform their jobs with little to no supervision or intervention from instructors. 

Brigade Inspection; Maintain status as Honor Unit with Distinction

Promote JROTC Program and Teams to George Washington High School


Battalion Goals:

Place first at all drill competitions, place first at raider competitions, place well during the rifle season.

Have Cadets Prepared to teach incoming cadets for following year


Team Goals:

Have Drills ready by December.

To rise above through discipline and perseverance demonstrating excellence on and off the drill floor.

School Year 2017-2018 Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)

Designed to improve individual and company in-ranks uniform inspection results. The specific goal of the CIP is to increase company weekly in-ranks inspection scores to an average of 90%. Cadets will also learn general cadet knowledge, and procedures for in-ranks inspections.

"The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention."  - Yisel Justo

29 JAN - Improvement Plan Begins

30 JAN - 13 FEB - First Month Inspection Score Evaluations

27 FEB - 13 MAR- Second Month Inspection Evaluations

20 MAR - 17 APR - Third Month Inspection Evaluations

24 APR - 1 MAY - Flex Weeks ( Makeup Inspection Weeks)

4 MAY - Improvement Plan Ends

Ribbon Help:

Need help with sorting/organizing your ribbons? Don't know what order they go in? We have a ribbon sorter just for our school! Check it out at http://www.jabsaw.com/6thbattalion/ribbons.php

Practices for the Drill Teams have started! Thinking about joining a team? Come on down and Join the brotherhood and sisterhood!

You can always find the either in the range located in the basement at lunch or after school.

Drill Team - Samuel Martinez
Honor Platoon - Brittany Mendoza
Color Guard - Brandon Holleman and Justin Quintana

All teams are now co-ed.  Any gender may participate on any team.

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